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Skirt Measurements


Waist (G)__________________________________


Hip (I)____________________________________


Distance between waist and hip (E to F)___________________


Finished length of garment (C to D)_____________________ 






Jacket Measurements


Bust (H)________________________________

Waist (G)________________________________


Back Width (P to Q)___________________________

Nape to Waist (A to B)__________________________


Chest (N to O)______________________________


Shoulder (K to L)____________________________


Top Arm (W)______________________________


Armhole Depth (A to X)_________________________


Front Shoulder to Waist (Y to C)_____________________


Sleeve Length (L to M)_________________________

Wrist (V)________________________________



Pant Measurements


Waist (G)________________________________


Low Waist (3)______________________________

Hip (I) __________________________________


Thigh (4)_________________________________

Inseam (T to U)_____________________________


Rise (1 to 2)_______________________________


Ankle (5)________________________________




Top Measurements


Bust (H)_____________________________


Waist (G)_____________________________


Hip (I)______________________________


Shoulder (K to L)________________________

Nape to Waist (A to B)_____________________


Back Width (P to Q)______________________


Finished Length (A to I)____________________




Dress Measurements


Bust (H)_____________________________


Waist (G)_____________________________


Hip (I)_______________________________

Back Width (P to Q)________________________


Nape to Waist (A to B)_______________________


Chest (N to O)__________________________


Shoulder (K to L)_________________________


Top Arm (W)___________________________


Armhole Depth (A to X)______________________


Front Shoulder to Waist (Y to C)__________________


Waist to Knee (C to D)______________________


Finished Length______________________________________

Diagram for measurements for mens custom leather clothing
Diagram of measurements for womens custom leather garments
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