Every Woman Looks Magnificent in the Right Hat

Spring is right around the corner which means we are looking forward to all those wonderful events to wear a beautiful hat!

The Kentucky Derby being the premier event for beautiful hats. Our friends at Eggcup Designs not only make gorgeous headwear, they also have some great advice o how to find the perfect hat!

No matter how good someone else looks in a particular style of hat, the best style for you will be dictated by the shape of your face.To help you determine which styles will be most flattering for you please refer to Eggcup Designs guidelines:


A rounded hairline, full cheeks and a round jaw combine to make the round face. Some may be as wide as they are long. A wide brim hat will slim the face, and the crown should be wider than the face. A big hat worn at an angle also works well. Word of caution, if your face is round and the crown is round, you will look like a ball.

"Alberta" $315.00

Worn at a rakish angle the Alberta is lovely for a round face.


This face has a narrow jaw and is wider at the eyes and forehead. Choose a hat with a crown wider than the cheekbones to properly compliment the heart shape. Wear it straight across the brow. Avoid narrow brims. A floppy brim will work nicely. Also cloche styles will accentuate the jaw-line adding width to the bottom of the face.

""Melissa" $285.00

Lovely Melissa will compliment a heart shaped face


A square face needs length. You have a straight hair line, with the forehead, cheekbones and jawline the same width. A high crown will add length to the face. To break up the angularity wear the hat at an angle. Or choose an asymmetrical brim. To avoid a boxy look avoid a hat with a square crown.

"Giada" $285.00

A square face in this hat will be stunning!


This shape face is wider at the cheekbones narrowing to both the forehead and jawline. Choose a hat that sits back on the head. Avoid low brims.

"Joy Rose" $315.00

The perfect choice for a diamond shaped face!


An oval face has a rounded hairline with temples wider than the jaw. Any style hat goes with an oval face. A wide brimmed hat pulled low will add width to the longer oval face. Try to avoid hats with an oval crown.

"Roxie" $330.00

A great choice for the oval shape face.


The oblong or narrow face is long and slender, with a high forehead and long cheeks. A wide brim hat pulled low will add width. Also a shallow crown or a crown with a flared top, "Mad Hatter" style is becoming.

'Grace" $305.00

Perfect for a narrow or oblong face..

Please browse our collection of hats on-line or stop by the store and try on a few! And please don't forget our collection of fascinators and cocktail hats!

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